BOCO Young Professional Robert Beatty

Meet A Botetourt Young Professional – Robert Beatty

GIS Technician
Botetourt County General Services

Robert Beatty is a GIS Technician for the County of Botetourt. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Miami University of Ohio, in 2015 after majoring in Biology as well as Environmental Science. After growing up in Fairfax, Virginia and going to college in Ohio, Robert decided to move back to the mountains of his home state, to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and plethora of outdoor activities the region has to offer.

Contact him with any and all of your mapping needs at


What’s the best career advice you’ve ever gotten?

Always strive towards a goal. Whether that’s a new skill, to excel on a project, or getting that promotion that you have your eye on, setting goals for yourself allows you to be constantly pushing yourself to not only be a better employee but a better person in general. Complacency is too easy of a habit to find yourself falling into, so to always be getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits is a piece of advice that everyone can benefit from.


What’s the most useful job skill to have?

I would say the useful job skill to have is knowing how to learn new things. Today’s day and age is so fast-paced, that it is easy to be left in the dust if you’re not constantly expanding your skill set. Showing your colleagues or employer that you are willing to take on new tasks, makes you a valuable asset to the organization and can help build trust in your professional skills over time.


What’s something you wished you had done or learned, to help you in your career?

I definitely wish I had built a formal foundation of computer programming while I was still in school. With data management and web-based services being so crucial to many industries today, having a solid foundation of various programming languages would have made me much more marketable and effective entry-level employee overall. Since graduating college, I’ve made it a priority to teach myself the basics but it has taken a lot of trial and error, frustration and free time to do so, which leaves me wishing I took better advantage of college courses offered to me in the topic.


Advice you would give to young professionals who are just starting out?

Be a jack of all trades, and a master of one. While it obviously pays to have expertise on something, I believe solely focusing on that one topic pigeonholes yourself and limits your overall potential. I may begin sounding like a broken record, but being able to wear many hats allows you to be a versatile employee and a valuable asset throughout your career. Try new things, learn new skills, and apply them in your job to be that well-rounded person that everyone wants on their team.


Alright, now onto the fun stuff. What’s one fun fact about yourself?

I know more about Virginia’s rivers and, more specifically, the fish that live in them than any 22 year old should. I am also still, and always will be, a proud owner of my childhood collection of dinosaur toys. I mean, what five-year-old didn’t want to be a paleontologist? My favorite is the Albertosaurus.

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