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Drink Coffee, Do Good At A 1000 Hills

Land of 1000 Hills in Daleville Virginia

Did you know you could make a significant difference in someone’s life just by drinking coffee? At Land of A Thousand Hills (LOTH), you can! Anyone who walks into the Daleville Land of a Thousand Hills location will notice the calm atmosphere, diverse menu selection, and quality of their products.

But, what you might not know, is this coffee shop prides itself of making a difference through collaborative trade! 

Land of a Thousand Hills works directly with farmers and local community leaders in Rwanda to grow the coffee with the utmost quality while paying the farmers a fair, living wage. In the words of the company itself, “When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, you help families provide for themselves with living wages, you build homes for orphans, give care to widows, and most importantly, give hope to entire coffee growing communities.”

The Daleville coffee shop also supports local farmers and artists. Whether you’re ordering a breakfast sandwich made from fresh local farm eggs, or purchasing local artwork that benefits Rwandan children through the Nkombo Island Project. We could go on and on about how much we love the ethics of LOTH, but we will let them elaborate on that for themselves. Check out their website below, and you’ll see why we love this place!

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About LOTH

  1. Land of 1000 Hills in Daleville VirginiaLand of a Thousand Hills loves your pooch almost as much as you do. Though pets aren’t allowed within the shop, they have water bowls and doggie treats if you want to enjoy the outdoor seating with Fido!
  2. What doesn’t set the tone for a nice evening on a patio other than a built-in fire pit? At your requests, Land of a Thousand Hills would be more than happy to light it ablaze for you and your friends!
  3. Do you have an event coming up, but haven’t settled on a location yet? On Sundays you can rent the Land of a Thousand Hills space for events. Whether you’re hosting a going away party, celebrating a birthday, or showering a bride –to–be before her big day, give them a call! They’d be happy to make your event something special.
  4. Land of a Thousand Hills often has cool events at their coffee shop that are open to the public. Whether it’s a local musician showcasing their work or a book signing by the CEO of the company, follow their Facebook page to see what all they have going on (and maybe see if your band could play their original music at their facilities).
  5. We mentioned the Nkombo Island Project earlier. As part of their mission states they, “…exist to facilitate sustainable physical, vocational and spiritual transformation for the people Nkombo Island, Rwanda…” So, how does the Daleville Land of a Thousand Hills get involved with this cool project? Every two months a local artist will feature their work within the shop, and with every piece that is sold, 20% will go towards the women and children’s food and education. So, not only are you supporting local artists, gaining a fantastic piece of artwork for yourself, but you’re also helping children and a community half a world away. We know, it’s pretty cool.

Want to learn even more? Call the owner’s Penny and Scott (or one of their fabulous staff members) to learn more about their company. They’re pretty passionate about what they do.

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Molly is a fun-loving Missourian who found her way into the beautiful mountains of South West Virginia. Molly is a Communications major, artistic, coffee enthusiast, and adventurer. She lives according to the philosophy of loving God and loving people.

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