Botetourt County Open Studios Artist

12 Open Studios Artists Not To Miss

Botetourt County Open Studios Artist
This October, eight Botetourt artists and four guest artists have joined with the Botetourt County Office of Tourism for the fourth annual Open Studios- Botetourt. The tour is a self-guided driving tour of artists’ working studios around Botetourt County, VA.

Open Studios BotetourtOpen Studios- Botetourt will be taking place on October 24 from 10AM-5Pm and on October 25 from 11AM-5PM.

Whether you are a collector, or simply curious about art, this is an opportunity to converse one-on-one with artists, while enjoying the added pleasure of the beautiful fall foliage and landscape of Botetourt County. Visit one studio or all of them! Just enjoy the weekend, your scenic drive, and the artistic culture you’re sure to experience along the way.


Ed Bordett

Ed Bordett, a painter and printmaker, lives in Fincastle. He works in silkscreen print-making and mono printing, and paints using oil and watercolor. His work depicts urban and small subjects, focusing on architecture with great emphasis on geometric shapes and patterns. Ed’s work can be seen at the Market Gallery in Roanoke, VA as well as at Artists In Cahoots in Lexington.


Nancy Dahlstrom

Nancy Dahlstrom worked with a variety of media, focusing in printmaking, drawing, and painting. Nancy’s work is inspired by her travels and natural surroundings, using her gardens and the beauty of the Botetourt landscape as inspiration for her work. She is interested in expressing the spirit and vitality of life that exists in the natural world.


Vera Dickerson

Vera Dickerson often incorporates gentle humor in the painted figures or titles of her art. Vera believes that art should be personal, not just a surface “prettiness”. Her goal is that viewers of her art will become emotionally involved and respond to the paintings. Her career honors include signature membership in both American and National Watercolor Societies, as well as inclusion in Who’s Who in American Art.


Dreama Kattenbraker

Dreama Kattenbraker has been inspired by her readings of myths and stories. She is particularly curious about “paradox”, the odd ways it reveals itself and assists in evaluating tradition and assumption versus truth. Ms. Kattenbraker enjoys building clay figurines in 3-dimensions and painting, making collages, and assembling onto 2-dimensional surfaces.


Brett LaGue

Brett LaGue’s acrylic paintings capture fleeting images of landscapes, gardens, and highways – translating initial impressions from our everyday environment, into simple scenes. His goal is to emotionally engage with viewers of his art, and believes that we are not isolated particles, but part of a greater whole.


Willie Simmons

Willie Simmons has roots in Botetourt County that go back for generations. His father was a woodworker and made many pieces of furniture for local residents. Mr. Simmons has been turning for over 20 years, producing both architectural and functional pieces. His vision is that his work is both useful and attractive, using local woods whenever possible. He is also willing to use wood that belongs to clients to create something they may cherish forever.


Bill White

Bill White is a painter whose subjects include rural landscapes, urban landscapes, interiors, and still life. His oil paintings are noted for their sense of light by color. He works from direct observation, in and out of the studio. Mr. White’s works are represented in museum and corporate collections, as well as many private collections, and can be seen in the Market Gallery in downtown Roanoke, VA.


Mark Woodie

Mark Woodie began working with the classical medium of etching in 1974. His subjects range from an isolated seed or insect to a sweeping landscape, most drawn from the surrounding beauty of Botetourt County, VA. His more recent works involve pencil and pastel drawings, soon followed by acrylic painting. His works are in both public and private collections throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.


Lois Bisese

Lois will be showing her work with Dreama Kattenbraker. She has lived in Botetourt County for over 16 years and surrounds herself with art, color, flowers, and reflects joyfulness through her art. She hopes that each of her pieces have meaning to the wearer.


David Eakin 

David will be showing his art with Vera Dikerson. Painting, especially landscapes, enables him to view and react to the world and people around him. David experiences with different media and uses new techniques to enable him to explore the constantly changing visual world that often foes unseen.


Sharon Mirtaheri 

Sharon will be showing her art with Nancy Dahlstrom. Her primary mediums are printmaking and encaustic wax collages. Sharon enjoys recycling found items into her collages. Themes of the natural world appear in Sharon’s work as metaphors of the childhood she survived and her time creating art acts as a cathartic healing process.


Gina Louthian-Stanley

Gina will be showing her art with Bill White. Gina works as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.


About Botetourt County

Botetourt is nestled just 20 minutes north of Roanoke, VA. It borders the Blue Ridge Parkway, is home to the headwaters of the mighty James River, and has a vibrant metro mix of arts, culture, and events. It’s easy to drink in the beauty and create everlasting memories whether you live, work, or simply just adventure here.

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